The Healthy Montana Initiative:

June 19, 2014, the Healthy Montana Initiative announced to volunteers and supporters across the state that it will not qualify I-170 for the November ballot, but advocates will continue the fight to provide health care for low income Montanans.

Statement from Kim Abbott, President of the Healthy Montana Initiative

“We are disappointed that the clock ran out on this effort, but we know that Montanans overwhelmingly support expanding Medicaid for 70,000 Montanans. Over 300 volunteers worked tirelessly over the past eight weeks. Because of their work, the movement to expand Medicaid grew by over 3,000 voters each and every week this spring. We are over 25,000 people stronger than we were when we started, and make no mistake, the momentum for this will continue to grow until Medicaid is expanded. There is too much at stake for Montanans, our hospitals and clinics, and our state to slow down now.

When we started this campaign in late March, we acknowledged that it was an uphill battle. We were forced to start over on the 30th day of our 30 day initiative review process. We faced obstructionism in the form of a legal challenge at the Supreme Court that threw our campaign in to legal uncertainly. We recognized that our grassroots team would be up against enormous, dark, outside money in November.

Even with all of these obstacles, we knew that it was truly a try or do nothing situation. We knew we would have to run a unique, grassroots campaign in order to compete. We knew doing nothing was not an option because 70,000 lives and the stability of hospitals and clinics depended on us. So we tried. Over 300 volunteers across the state – from Rexford to Red Lodge – donated their time to this effort. In eight weeks, our volunteers collected over 25,000 signatures. Unfortunately, the delays were simply too much. The June 20th deadline is the one barrier that we cannot work around. Our effort doesn’t get more time because we faced delays. Those are the rules and our campaign plays by them.

We are saddened that the citizens of Montana will not be able to vote in November on this critical issue. We want to be clear that our work will not end until 70,000 of our friends and neighbors have the health care they need and deserve. Montana cannot afford to stop until we get this done.”

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A South Carolina Republican Mayor, Adam O’Neal, watched his rural hospital close and days later a citizen died because they could not get her..

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Billings Gazette Editorial republished in the Montana Standard.

“Healthy Montana Kids is a success. Montanans should be proud of standing together..

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People keep talking about it. #70kcantwait #mtwontquit #healthymt

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There were two big court rulings on the ACA yesterday dealing with subsidies on the exchange. Read more about what it means for Montana.


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It is great that 8,700 more Montanans have health care, but we know how we can do even better and make that 70,000 – EXPAND MEDICAID! #70kcantwait..

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